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We are offering assistance to clients regarding outsourcing management functions.  In addition, the partnering services will build teams of Australians and Chinese business professionals and specialists to deliver top end sector services to our clients. This will contribute economic value for our global client's community and society. 

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本著 『以球而樂,推廣足運』的理念下,致力提升足球運動「普及化」藉此推廣足球活動至社會各階層,促進國際業務發展和全球性商務機會為企業,個人,非營利組織和政府機構建立新的專業領域

Meg Mi, Director , Hoc Gem International Pty Ltd

Why Us? 

  • Helping and  leading global companies and small businesses to  address their enterprise challenges with a focus on delivering sustainable profitability and competitive advantage
  • Providing assistance by reviewing issues arising from current or future resolution of group reporting issues
  • Helping and promoting international business developments and global strategies
  •  Introducing new products and services to businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, and government agencies
  • Contributing economic value back to the nation's community and society

MEG MI | www.mim-consultant.com


  • 幫助和促進國際業務發展和全球性的戰略
  • 電子商務穿透現有市場
  • 通過引入新的產品和服務,為企業,個人,非營利組織和政府機構建立新的專業領域
  • 協助頂尖的全球企業、小型企業面對挑戰,一心一意傳遞永續的獲利能力與極具競爭力的優勢
  • 協助審核當前或未來引發的問題,找出集團報表問題的解決方案
  • 幫助社會成長-持續創新與熱情社會的貢獻

MEG MI | www.mim-consultant.com

Global Strategy 

Europe, Asia, USA, Australia

MIM-CONSULTANT we are a global strategy business improvement consultancy firm. Our boutique International business development solutions provide innovative integration of versatile industry and functional expertise, along with the tools and capabilities to support the execution and alternative change landscape for attaining global scale. We will help you solve complex business problems by delivering business outcomes that really matter.  We provide our client services across many regions, including Asia, Europe , USA and Australia.  We leverage the knowledge and skills from across our global network to develop practical recommendations designed to assist the CEO, CFO and business leader.


Extensive global industry experience 

Incorporating specialist skills in management, strategy and technology with extensive global industry experience to make difference.  We are about strategy planning, excelled implementation and committed to help our clients boost their team's performance. With CFO management solutions, we provide with mobility of professional work with CEO and executive teams by shielding and cutting through the complexity of today's rapidly changing marketplace.  Following by :

  • Integrated performance management
  • Design, implementation of budgeting systems
  • Innovative thinking  


Innovation players 

We are specialized in business application consulting services:by planning the entire project lifecycle up front we provide you with a map of project requirements and then support you and your teams through all project phases from planning through to operations. In order to achieve your objectives=business growth + sustainable operation. The managed operation solutions are up to international business development with e-platform solutions.


  • MIM -CONSULTANT是一間以全球業務諮詢及營運改善策略為主的顧問公司。我們客戶服務的關鍵是整合多元化創新產業與專業知識工具與能力,以支援落實及改變景觀,達成全球性的規模
  • 我們協助解決複雜的業務問題透過傳遞真正重要的業務成果-遍及各個地區,包括亞洲、歐洲、美國和澳州的客戶提供服務
  • 充分運用我們在全球企業網絡的知識與技能以更具智慧研擬實務建議,得以協助執行長、財務長和企業領導人的行事風格管理與改變景觀


  • 格外豐富的全球產業經驗與在策略規劃與執行相當擅長,力求超越群雄,整合營運、財務、人員管理、策略和技術上的專業技能
  • 專心幫助我們的客戶建立實用技能,並且提升長期績效表現
  • 與執行長隨時隨地進行的諮詢以及傳遞財務領導 並且力保一路披荊斬棘,跨越當今市場迅速變化的複雜性


  • 商業應用諮詢服務:藉由規劃整個專案生命週期,提供地圖專案
  • 支援貴團隊專案的所有階段,從規劃經過運作,以實現目標:利潤成長、永續經營,打造新商業實體及管理營運